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Graduates of DEI are trained qualified for openings in all areas of the electrical field.

Job availability will be both the public and private sectors and range from new construction projects to the vast areas of service and maintenance.

Careers and jobs available with the journeyman's license

Residential Wireman:
Tract homes, custom homes, townhomes, remodels, room additions, apartments, multi-family dwellings, swimming pools, service and repair. Structured home wiring, smart house wiring, low-voltage wiring.

Commercial Wireman:
Office buildings, stores, shopping malls, strop centers, warehousing, hospitals, schools, automotive facilities, tenant improvement, service and repair, high-rise apartments, motels, hotels, and service centers.

Industrial Wireman:
Manufacturing plants, research facilities, high-rise buildings, waste water plants, extraction facilities, mines, shipyards, pumping stations (both onshore and offshore).

Specialty Wireman:
PLC technician, PLC programmer, system integrator, motion control, HMI programmer, communications and networking specialist, fiber optics installer/tech, site temporary power electricians, generator technician, trade show electrician, marine electrician, crane tech, elevator and escalator electrician, computer room wireman, fire alarm technician, cable splicer, high voltage wireman, grounding specialist, underwater wireman, HVAC technicians

Photovoltaic Wireman:
Energy efficiency consultant, energy conservation consultant, residential solar installer, commercial solar installer, industrial solar installer, utility solar field installer, wind turbine technician, water turbine technician, geothermal turbine technician, troubleshooting and maintenance technician.

Lighting Wireman:
Custom lighting specialist, lighting system controls tech, low voltage lighting tech, sign electrician, landscape lighting, water pools – waterfall-stream and water display cannon tech, lighting service and repair tech, high voltage lighting tech

Utility Wiremen:
Linemen, facilities maintenance, switchyard mechanic, grid controls tech, field service rep, customer service rep, inspector, engineering rep

Power quality tech, motor tech, drive tech

Facility wiremen:
Maintenance electricians and maintenance technicians

Wholesale sales, retail sales, inside sale counterman, factory field service reps.
teo durousseau, durousseau, durousseau electric, durousseau electrical institute, electrical training

As for new construction projects, Project Stabilization Agreements (PSA) were established to protect the community by setting worksite compensation and other standards for public investment projects by providing middle-class career opportunities for our children, and by guaranteeing that our bond funds are reinvested into the local community they came from. PSA establish the terms and conditions of employment on construction projects.

On February 6, 2009, President Obama issued an Executive Order encouraging the use of Project Labor Agreements (PLA) for federal construction projects. PSA’s and PLA’s are viewed as the cornerstones for not only employment growth but the viability of the communities of South Central Los Angeles. The communities are given in essence a pipeline to success; the road to middle class jobs.

PSA and PLA agreements are targeted towards job opportunities in new construction. With the pipeline overflowing, Teo saw that the real opportunity of accumulating necessary hours in other facets of the electrical field. The field of electrical maintenance and service possess the opportunities that cannot be overlooked.

Whereas new construction with PSA and PLA is dictated by union and State regulations that create the ceiling on job opportunities, maintenance and service are less regulated. Unions direct their members to new construction projects, but are a less unified force in the service and maintenance field where union membership is not mandated.

DEI and their network of contractors look to create their own pipeline of qualified workers to compete in an area of the electrical field that does have favorable labor conditions. The depth of service and maintenance is equal to all buildings, homes and businesses in South Los Angeles.

Even after the completion of new construction, the factor of maintenance becomes an issue. The path is now much clearer with opportunities and advancement.

teo durousseau, durousseau, durousseau electric, durousseau electrical institute, electrical training